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Advice on Writing A Simulation

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Alright, so I've been trying to do some game programming stuff and I've gotten a little fed up with 2D Platformers and 3D shooters (about the only thing I can really expect to do myself). So I thought back to when I wanted to start writing and the advice I got then was "do what you know". Well, most of my life has revolved around car dealerships as that's the family business. So I thought I'd try to create a simulation of a car dealership in the style of the Tycoon games. What I'm wondering though, where's a good place to start? I've had some experience setting up simulations (my senior project was writing the user interface for a fire department simulator) and I'm planning on writing this in C#. However, every search that has the words "computer", "simulation", or "write" comes up with a bunch of stuff. None of which is useful for what I want. So I thought I'd poke around here and see what you guys would recommend. I'd like a free resource if at all possible. I'm planning on working in C# but the recommended resource does not have to be in that language.

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