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How to add texture info to .x file?

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Hi all, I just created some simple meshes using Blender (2.45 for Windows Vista) and exported them to the .x format. First I did not add any texture in blender. So, when I used the meshes and SetTexture, it didn't get mapped properly. The texture size is a power of 2, btw. Then I tried adding a texture in blender and then exporting the mesh to .x. Still I did not get the MeshTextureCoords object in the .x file. The textures are not predefined. I have to accept the texture file as a parameter in my application. I have worked with u,v coords of texture while using an explicit VertexBuffer. This is the first time I'm using with a mesh. How do I map the textures to the mesh? Thanks in advance, Saranya

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