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hide the cmd.exe window.....

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Hi, When the batch file is running, cmd.exe window is shown....... How can we suppress or hide this cmd.exe window???? I tried the below code to install framework from a batch file.... But it shows cmd.exe window along with framework installation window... Start /WAIT /MIN .\MSFW\dotnetfx3.exe (where MSFW is a folder) But when i used this code, it minimises the .Net Framework installation window !!! But how can i hide the cmd.exe window ???? Please help me...........

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Thanks for the reply.

But the answer that previously posted will not work...
The situation is that i need to use this batch file inside a wisw installation exe application as a pre requiste so that this batch will trigger at first....

So keeping a short cut of batch file will not work inside this msi.....

Do u know any other way to hide the cmd.exe windom when a batch file is executed....


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