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Getting input without using a wndproc

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Original post by JasonBaldwin
Is there a way on windows to get keyboard input without using a wndproc? Basically im creating a UI library and want my UI library to do its own input so the user doesnt have to give the library input.


In order to open a window on win32 platform, you need a winproc. So you don't earn a lot if you start reading input with lower level functions. You will just repeat the work that win32 already is doing for you. Instead of redoing the work of reading input, which is quite ugly to do, just "abstract" winproc away. For ex. get input in WM_INPUT as raw input, and then pass it to your own input routine, which is the only one that UI will ever see. That way (by just passing raw input to your own code), WinProc is hidden in your "platform" code and is never seen or known by any user code. That is the way I have seen it mplemented in many GUI or game windowing libraries. If you don't want to redo the work of formatting the input (checking if the user holds for example shift while he is pressing 'a' to get an 'A' and similar) you might rather register for some other messages then wm_input and then pass the input from those to your input routine.

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