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Large terrain grid question

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I'am wondering whats considered "best practice" when it comes to rendering large terrain. I am using dx9 with visual c++.I've seen that the most common way to do this is to create a grid of triangles in the usual way: __ |\ | | \ | |__\| I've also read that you only need to create 4 vertices in the vertexbuffer with the use of a index buffer. Is this the common way to do it? What I am wondering is how do you proceed when the grid is very large. Is it possible to store position, texture cordinates, normals etc in a struct and have vertex buffer fixed at a smaller amount. Then when you start move you lock/unlock the vertex buffer using the data in the struct to update the map? Or is it better to just store the full sized vertex buffer in memory and draw a subset of it? For example if one has a semi top-down camera view at a fixed height I probably know the number of grid "tiles" to be on the screen and will want to only draw thos. What is the best way to do this?

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