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Terrain (for a city), texturing

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dpadam450    2357
I know how they do it for like grass/dirt and do texture splatting, but for roads and stuff, they have directions and lines, sidewalks as well. Even like if you have a bend in the road. I'm wondering what the approach is here.

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soconne    105
"They" generally use actual separate geometry for each type of object. So the street is a separate mesh from the sidewalk from the grass areas, ect...

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chronos    100

Generating 3D Roads

  • the idea is to go automatically from a 2D road description to a completely 3D polygonal road

  • two main approaches: draped vs. merged

    1. thin geometry draped on top of the terrain

      • pro: simpler and faster, easily changed at runtime, allows the terrain to be a regular grid

      • con: "Z-buffer fighting" due to overdraw

        • there are ways to reduce the Z-buffer problem

    2. roads merged into the terrain ("stitched", embedded)

      • pro: flawless road boundaries, no overdraw issues

      • con: requires computationally complicated and slow preprocessing

      • all known commercial programs (see below) prefer this approach

  • with either approach, an algorithm is needed to convert road centerlines
    (raw vector data) to a full 2D/3D representation

    • there are no known published algorithms for doing this!

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