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unreal editor 2004?

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just open up the install folder and search for *.exe

Don't remember the name offhand but it should be easy to pick from the list of matches: something self-explanatory like UnEditor.exe or UnrealEditor.exe....


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you mean like go to my computer, then the disc, then search?
i searched and no luck, there are like 9 different disc folders, and each of themm have a zip folder that says, data 2 or data3 or data 4
and so on and so forth

i dont know if i should open all the zip files then search them individually but i will if i have to

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Original post by RivieraKid
start -> programs -> ut2k4 -> editor

at least it is there for me.

I think for some reason the Unreal Anthology doesn't actually create a link to UnrealEd. Some friends of mine have another edition that doesn't automatically put a link to Unreal ED in the Start Menu either, but mine does.

UnrealEd.exe is located in the System folder of your UT2004 install.

Mine is "C:\Program Files\UT2004\System\UnrealEd.exe"
Or it could be "C:\UT2004\System\UnrealEd.exe"
Or some other funky setup because you bought the Anthology.

After finding it just create a link to it in your Start Menu, Quick Launch, or Desktop. Oh, and this question has nothing to do with Game Design, so I think it is in the wrong forum [wink]

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