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Accessing embedded lua from C++?

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I'm trying to figure out how to do certain things to lua from C++, but I'm having a bit of trouble. Such as creating a table in lua and adding a variable to it, the equivalent to below from C++
t = {}
t[1] = 1
just the basic creation of a table and adding a variable too it. So far, I've only figured out how to do this with the global table, _G. I appreciate any help with this.

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Basically, you must:
- push the table onto the stack (lua_newtable(L);)
- push the key onto the stack (lua_pushnumber(L, 1);)
- push the value onto the stack (lua_pushnumber(L, 1);)
- move the key and value into the table (lua_settable(L, -3))

You need section 3 of the Lua manual, especially section 3.11, and it won't hurt to take a look at the Programming In Lua book too, eg. this bit on table manipulation.

Note that the example I've given doesn't name your table 't'. To name it t, would mean inserting it into the global namespace associated with the name 't'. Since the global namespace is just another table, doing this shouldn't be too hard.

You might also want to search the Scripting Languages and Mods forum, where lots of Lua questions and answers come up.

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