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aerial perspective haze shader

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I been looking around for some source code and theories about this mather for a time now. (source code to experiment with and learn - i find it easier that way) The most fit implementation for my work seem to be Preetham's "A Practical Analytic Model for Daylight" and out of some researching regarding his theroies i found a shader source at this homepage.(very good job by s.Wickens by the way). I tried to use the effect file in fxComposer2 - first timer using that program though. The resason why it aint working is with my mathemathical lack of wisdom i think, so the thing i need explained is the values needed to start exploring the effects of the light and aerial perspective. so lets begin, from below code the shader needs some variables. and if i have understand everything so far - some are constants and some are varying values. the thing im asking for is a brief very newbie explonation of below variables - which values are constants and which isn't. the only thing i want out of this exploring and playing with the shader is to recreate the haze vision you automaticly get from this theory. (so i can have a static sun, and everything - but the haze must appear on the terrain). I dont need to understand the mathemathical formulas either, i simply want to know how to set up this in fXcomposer (is it possible?, the only thing is to set symanthics right - where?) and from there i can develop something out of my needs. tnx for some basic information and some pointing towards right directions, and maybe even a little clue on what values i need to define in fxComposer to get a vision at all) (plane only black now ofcourse with no values set except the matrices). - well look at the bright side i can rotate the plane :). The fx file i try to use on that plane in fxComposer2. all code here below is not mine!, it is pasted from site mentioned above i reclaim none of this code and use it in learning purpouse only.
float4x4 world, worldViewProj;

float3 zenith; //x, y, Y format
float perez_x[5];
float perez_y[5];
float perez_Y[5];

float3 eye, dir;
float3 sunDir;
float thetaS; //sun angle from zenith

float Perez(float perez[5], float gamma, float theta, float luminance) {

    float cg = cos(gamma), cs = cos(thetaS);

	float num = (1 + perez[0]*exp(perez[1]/cos(theta))) * 
		(1 + perez[2]*exp(perez[3]*gamma) + perez[4]*cg*cg); //eq 3 F(theta, gamma)

	float den = (1 + perez[0]*exp(perez[1])) * 
		(1 + perez[2]*exp(perez[3]*thetaS) + perez[4]*cs*cs); //eq 3 F(0, thetaSun)

	return luminance*num/den; //eq 4


struct vsIn {
    float3 pos: POSITION;
    float2 uv: TEXCOORD0;

struct vsOut {
    float4 final: POSITION;
    float3 pos: TEXCOORD0;
    float2 uv: TEXCOORD1;

void VS(in vsIn input, out vsOut output) {
    output.pos = mul(float4(input.pos, 1.0), world).xyz;
    output.final = mul(float4(input.pos, 1.0), worldViewProj);
    output.uv = input.uv;

struct psIn {
    float3 pos: TEXCOORD0;
    float2 uv: TEXCOORD1;

float4 PS(in psIn input) : COLOR {

    float3 v = input.pos - eye;
    float ex = exp(-length(v)*0.0001);

    v = normalize(input.pos);

    //angle to the sun from this point
    float gamma = acos(dot(v, sunDir));

    //angle from y axis to this point
    float theta = acos(v.y);

    float x = Perez(perez_x, gamma, theta, zenith.x);
    float y = Perez(perez_y, gamma, theta, zenith.y);
    float Y = Perez(perez_Y, gamma, theta, zenith.z);

    //convert xyY -> XYZ
    float X = x*Y/y;
    float Z = (1.0f - x - y)*Y/y;

    //convert XYZ -> RGB
    float3 inscatter;
    inscatter.r = 1.0 - exp(-0.00006*(3.240479*X - 1.53715*Y - 0.49853*Z));
    inscatter.g = 1.0 - exp(-0.00006*(-0.969256*X + 1.875991*Y + 0.041556*Z));
    inscatter.b = 1.0 - exp(-0.00006*(0.055648*X - 0.204043*Y + 1.057311*Z));

   // float3 colour = tex2D(detailMapSampler, input.uv);
    float3 colour = {0.1, 0.1, 0.1};
    return float4(colour*ex + inscatter*(1.0 - ex), 1.0);


technique shader {
    pass P0 {
        VertexShader = compile vs_1_1 VS();
        PixelShader = compile ps_3_0 PS();

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