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Unity [.net] Standard themed window menus with icons

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I'd like to have menus in my application that generally look like standard Windows menus (correctly themed) that support icons. In .NET 1 we had the MainMenu control; this renders menus that match the rest of Windows, but doesn't offer icon support. In .NET 2 we have the MenuStrip which does support icons, but is obnoxiously large and ugly, and doesn't match the rest of Windows. I am aware that only Vista allows you to put images on standard Windows menus, which isn't ideal as I'd like the software to run on at least XP. I am also aware that you can provide your own renderer and manually render themed menus (MrEvil provided such a renderer, but it seems that a number of the sizes are reported a pixel or two out causing odd looking menus, most noticably squashed check icons). Is anyone out there aware of a better solution to creating correctly themed menus that support icons? [Edited by - benryves on February 28, 2008 5:49:45 AM]

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