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Camera Techniques

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Hi, I'm currently trying to implement a flexible camera for my game and I've been following the DXUT (with DirectX) camera class for more help. I've been noticing a few techniques they use to obtain more data, e.g.
D3DXMatrixInverse( &mInvView, NULL, &m_mView );
D3DXVECTOR3* pZBasis = (D3DXVECTOR3*) &mInvView._31;

m_fCameraYawAngle   = atan2f( pZBasis->x, pZBasis->z );
float fLen = sqrtf(pZBasis->z*pZBasis->z + pZBasis->x*pZBasis->x);
m_fCameraPitchAngle = -atan2f( pZBasis->y, fLen );
Is there anywhere online or even in a book that has some techniques like this in order to build a more advanced camera?

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