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Need book recomendations

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My parents are buying me a few programming books once they get their tax refund, so I'm trying to find out which ones would actually be most helpful to me, from a list of 7 or so books I'm looking at. (Feel free to recommend other books alongside or instead of those books as well) Firstly, I'm a Windows user, and know SDL and a little Win32. I'm trying to focus on OpenGL now, and the only OpenGL book I have is Dave Astle's and Kevin Harkins' Beginning OpenGL Game Programming.(Which is very helpful) I'm trying to find a book or two that'll help me structure what I know into actual games. Like engine design and layout.(By 'engine' I mean one focused onto a specific game, and not a 'generic' engine) I've looked at 3D Game Engine Design, Second Edition: A Practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics (David H. Eberly) And Ultimate 3D Game Engine Design & Architecture (Allen Sherrod) About the 'Eberly' book, alot of people recommend 3D Game Engine Architecture: Engineering Real-Time Applications with Wild Magic over it, it seems, but I don't want to learn Wild Magic, I want to make my own games and engines for those games. Does the book teach you the 'Wild Magic' engine, or does it actually tell you how to make a engine? Would you recomend it instead of the other book, or go with '3D Game Engine Design'? For more OpenGL related books, I've looked at: Advanced Graphics Programming Using OpenGL (Tom McReynolds) More OpenGL Game Programming (Dave Astle) There's not much posts about 'More OpenGL Game Programming' on the GDNet book page, I guess it's a more recent book. Has anyone read it got any opinions about it? On the Game Programming Gems, it sounds like each book in the gem series is not just a revision of the previous, but a entirely new set of articles? Which, if any would you recommend? I'm looking at GPGems 7 atm, since it more recently came out, and is the same price as the others. How advanced are the articles usually, and would I be able to get anything out of it, or would it be over my head? I'll be sure to be referred by GDNet if I order through Amazon. [smile] The only book I've really settled on is 'Code Complete', I need personal opinions on the others. (Unsure where to post this thread. Seemed to fit here or the lounge best)

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