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WIP: "Pyregrass" - Feedback Requested

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Hi! I'm an Interaction Designer from Malmö University, Sweden. Me and a classmate of mine are working on our bachelors thesis right now, it's due to be done just before the summer break here.. Our project is called Pyregrass, and it's about collaboratively developing a digital game with a community. We want anybody to be able to directly affect any part of the design or development, and to contribute as much as they like. As an example, the setting of the game is being developed by players participating in a play by post RPG on our site. We want to stay as oppen as possible, as this is a statement about the game industry. The game will be totally open source and free to download. If you want to read more about the whole project, check out http://aatk-design.com/index.php. You can also play the play by post rpg game, or just read it, there. Right now we are finishing the design phase of the game, and are starting to look at tools like XNA and 3d modeling software etc. What we really need is critique of the game design. They way we're building is somewhere between Participatory Design and Open Source development, so it's very crucial that we get as many comments as possible. The full design documents can be found at our forum (direct link to post). In short, the game is an 'rpg' with an isometric view that encourages players to work together more than other games, and engage in multi-player combos. The setting is that of a Steam Punk colonial world, where a magical force was imprisoned for centuries ago by an extinct race. During the course of our play by post RPG, magic got released upon the world once again, causing various problems. We're using XNA (c#) to develop our game, and currently discussing if it should be 2d or 3d. There are no screen shots yet, unfortunately. Our previous experience with developing games is a simple Battleships game with multilayer functions written in Java, and a flash/arg game called Eoster Knox. They were both school projects, so there's not so much on the net that shows them off. So please if you have a moment, check out our project. If you think it's interesting, talk to us and contribute with something, be it snippet of code, 3d model, some audio or just fan art :) We really believe this game will be a lot of fun, but we need all the help we can get to make it all happen.

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