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OpenGL Does OpenGL support XFile and HLSL?

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If you write or find an X Model loader for OpenGL then yes it can. X is just a file format. It's up to you to take that data and turn it into something usable. OpenGL has the GLSL, which is very similar to HLSL.

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Original post by V-man
For X file loading, there is a lib from PandaSoft but I haven't used it myself.

For Cg,
the toolkit contains support for GL but I don't recommend it since for ATI, would be forced to compile for ARB_vertex_program and ARB_fragment_program.
Just code in GLSL.

In Cg 2.0 there are GLSL vertex and fragment shader profiles, so you should be able to code in Cg and let the runtime translate to GLSL to run on ATI cards.

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