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Hi there Game Dev.

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Well hi there, Where do I start im 31 and havent programmed for about 20 years and that was some basic programs on my old spectrum. And those I copied from listing in magazines and books. I had been mentioning to a freind that I fancied getting into programming and maybe creating "the next big thing"(tm). Well I obviously have a lot to learn I do hope that I am in the right place. Right well to get me started I have a nice R700 Samsung Laptop, with Vista Home. On the programming side my freind kindly bought me a copy of Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days 5th Edition. Its a big and intimidatin blue book. Is it a good place to start? Well thats my first post over with. Regards Brian.

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Original post by Karan Bhangui
get rid of the %22. Maybe it was your first 'test'? [grin]

No, no test, just missing a quotation mark in the HTML. [smile] I usually check links after I post them, it would be the one time I didn't that I mess up [grin]. Fixed now in any case.

@ brian_m99uk

C++ is a big and intimidating language. It is up to you, but the general consensus here on is that C++ is not a great language for beginners. You will spend too much time fighting the language itself. In C++ there exists a large gap between "right" and "wrong", where the language itself doesn't specify what should happen.

A better language would be Python. It is far more expressive and easier to use.

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