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Using DirectX 10 and problems displaying sprites

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Hi there! I'm new here, I'm having hard time trying to solve this particular problem. As the topic says I'm having problems using DirectX 10 and displaying sprites on my screen, to be more precise I'm having problems displaying sprites if I'm using D3D10_DRIVER_TYPE_HARDWARE when creating device and swapchain. If I change the drivertype to D3D10_DRIVER_TYPE_REFERENCE the sprites display just fine. The displaying problem also occurs when trying to use custom bitmap fonts. I'm using the example code from Beginning DirectX 10 Game Programming by Wendy Jones but I have also tried some online tutorial and having same problem there. All the other examples from the book work just fine with D3D10_DRIVER_TYPE_HARDWARE. I've been googling around searching for a solution but have found none yet so I decided to give posting a try. I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit with Ati Radeon 2900Pro. Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appriciated.

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