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LilithAnn    166
A bit late here but I'll still put in my tuppence worth.

I won't swear as to what it's actually written in but it ostensibly is intended to provide a C++ API in which to create. However, it seems that they were very careful to make everything seem to be in alignment with the API from Dark Basic. Aside from some function parameters having different footprints there isn't much of C++ or object orientation about it. Things we would consider to be objects are actually numbered items within, say, the sprite workspace or the image workspace. There are also some problems with documentation and a certain clinging to the BASIC paradigm. Some documentation indicates that something that returns the address of some memory space actually returns an int. Yet Intellisense says it returns a DWORD. I hesitate to cast something like that to a pointer.

Having said that, I still find it useful and am in the process of creating some simple-minded encapsulation to ease some of my 2D game programming. It provides some things that required more attention to detail in other APIs I've tried. The version for C# .NET is due out soon which may remove some of the remnants of BASIC.

There are some problems that seem to arise when trying to compile in debug mode if you include some of the standard library #includes but an adjustment in the project usually takes care of that.

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