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Assignment in GLSL

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Since this is my first post I might aswell do a short presentation. I'm a student, currently in my second year of a swedish university where i'm majoring in media technology. I've been playing around with 3ds max and Maya for some years and have some programming experience in Java and C++. Right now we've gotten through the first half of course in 3d-graphics where we went a bit deeper into the concepts of rendering techniques such as raytracing, radiosity with lab assignments in java3d and 3dsmax. The second part of the course is a project due this summer. This is a great opportunity for me to really get into the world of graphics programming. I've decided to focus on shader programming in GLSL for this assignment. I'd like to hear your thoughts on what could be a good/great(?) idea to do. I'm relatively new to GLSL and shader programming but I do have a good grasp of the principles behind many techniques as well as knowledge in linear algebra and calculus. I've been doing some basic stuff such as phong lighting/toon shaders and simple texturing in GLSL but I'm looking for something that could give me a good grade and/or be a nice addition to my portfolio. My initial thoughts have been around doing some procedural bumpmapping and/or simple ambient occlusion. I do realize this may belong in the beginners forum but I figured it would be easier to get some actual shader programmers to answer my post in here. Please do forgive my lack of respect towards the forum rules, just this once (^_^)b

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