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First Person Shooter: Newton SDK

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fitfool    113
Hi, im coding a FPS using Irrlicht and the Newton SDK. Irrlicht's native fps camera isnt going to do, so im going to have to implement my own via Newton. How should i go about doing this? Should i create a Ellipsoid around the camera and somehow, prevent it from 'falling over'? thanks

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speciesUnknown    527
Method 1: Try using the custom charactercontroller that comes with the SDK and disabling the gravity.

Method 2: For each frame, cast a ray from the current position of the camera to the position it wants to be in. If that ray collides with something, act accordingly.

You may find, however, that for a first person camera, the camera won't be able to go into the geometry because the character wont be able to get close enough. Again, check out the charactercontroller demo for this.

For more information, why not sign up on their forums?

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