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IDirectInputDevice8::GetObjectInfo( ??? )

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I am trying to get some info about a device's objects. However, I can't seem to figure out how to properly call the GetObjectInfo() function. The first argument is quite clear but as for dwObj and dwHow ... beats me. I tried to set the dwHow to DIPH_BYOFFSET but if do that I don't really know what I should set the dwObj to. The usual DIJOFS_* don't seem to apply here. If I set the dwHow to DIPH_BYUSAGE I apparently have to employ the DIMAKEUSAGEDWORD(WORD, WORD) macro which Microsoft discribes as follows: UsagePage: Type is WORD. Usage page of the device object. Usage: Type is WORD. Usage of the device object. Not exactly my idea of a crystal-clear documentation ... Anyway, could someone please help me with this one and tell me what I have to set the dwObj value to to get info about a specific object or what exactly is meant by Usage Page and Usage? Thanks, ChaosIII

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