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[web] [FLASH] design problem with my graphicsmanager

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yo! I'm having trouble.. flash is kind of a pain with loading files n stuff. so here's what I want to do. I want to load an image and once that's done I want to return the Bitmap data. But the problem is, there's no bitmap data until Event.COMPLETE has been done, yet flash allows me to do all kinds of stupid things while the file is being processed. I'll show you my graphicsmanager so far. right now my GetImage calls itself a bunch of times before it actually has the bitmap data to return. which isn't good ;) so how can I make the GetImage function WAIT for the file to have been loaded? I get stackOverflow if I'm unlucky cause the GetImage calls the LoadImage function gazillions of times because the bitmap data hasn't been made just yet. and no I can't simply set the filename and add it to the arraylist then the imagedata won't be ready and the place I'll be using it will whine about it being null. pretty prease help!

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