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New Lightwave Importer for .net

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Hi all! New here, first post, appreciate any feed back. I have been an avid programmer and lightwave user for many years. Merging the two has been a project i have been wanting to acheive for a while. Finally I have had the chance (and motivation) to get started. In a few days I have managed to parse an LWO file and extract layers, points, polys, surfaces and more. The working code is messy at the moment, so I have been re-coding and optimising it all into a .net dll. The main objective was to create an easy way to build a WPF 3D object from a Lightwave file (LWO2 not LWOB sorry), but also giving the user full access to the underlying data for use in their own way and not just WPF. A few questions I would like to ask: 1) Is this actually useful, or has this been done before (freeware)? 2) Any suggestions on what would be good to see in such an importer? The current build of the dll only exposes the points and polys within each layer, but I have already got working code for much more that can be integrated pretty easily. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance. High500

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