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[Need help] Could you please show me how to make 3D Effect

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Hi, I have been reading about such effects in games as smoke, fog, fire and magic... I can truely understand how to create smoke, fog and fire since they are well presented in 3D programming books [1] but magic effect seems to be unclear to me. I don't know the exact keyword or the effects' names in order to search for them. Google's result with the keyword "special effect" or "gamefx" provided me no appropriate results. Could you please show me how to make it or could you suggest any such things as books, blogs, websites... that I can make it myself. Can I create this effect easily by using Microsoft's effect .x files? Thank you very much!!! Here is some effect [2] [1]Special Effects Game Programming with DirectX (The Premier Press Game Development Series) Muska & Lipman/Premier-Trade, ISBN 1931841063 [2]

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It looks like a combination of effects, some particles and a projected texture (GD post about texture projection) primarily.

In the topmost screenshot the particle effects could work just like your smoke, fog, fire etc effects and the symbols on the floor could be done using texture projection. I'd have used an animated model to do the wispy-purple-translucent effect and a billboarded quad with that "ant" texture on it.

The six images in the middle look like a big splashy particle effect to hide them turning off rendering of your model right in the middle when it's hardest to see ;)

The fire one appears to have the errors (stretched texturing) that I'd associate with a projected texture. OpenGL Projected Texture example.

Good luck.


Edit: speeeeeeelling errors fixed ;)

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