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bw compatibility

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this is only my 2nd post so this question (and even myself) may seem dumb, but it would be great if someone wants to answer=) i was wondering if it's as simple as nvidia just adding compatibility options to their drivers for older games. would the following make all older games work?: turn off all z optimizations (a lot of issues are z fighting issues due to no w-buffer,) force fp32 zbuffer depth, invert z values; force int 8 internal rendering (when 16 bit format is called for) and INT8 (32 bit RGBA) texture format (when 8 bit palletised textures for instance are called for); alternate pixel center; alternate fog type i know that ati and 3dfx just rendered 32 bit internally whenever 16 bit color was called for, so i would think that could just be taken care of by the driver like i think the depth buffer issues could. i'm terribly sorry if this sounds stupid, but i was really wondering what's possible. 16 bit color looks awful and i still like to play a lot of older games that only use 16 bit color, and i'm sure they'd need z-buffer compatibility options and a few games have a different pixel center than others, causing text to be blurred or not in the right place. i appreciate any replies. also, let me know if you need me to explain anything better, i'll be happy to=)

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