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direct3D beginner's triangle-making

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I can now make a triangle. I can color it.. BUT! how can i change color during run-time? i'll give my steps how i create my triangle.. Initgraphics() *Createvertexbuffer *lock *memcpy *unlock Render() *setfvf *setstreamsource *drawprimitive i tried to change the color during run-time, I DID IT "BUT"! everytime i change the color, i call InitGraphics() in other words,,everytime i change the color, i always create a vertexbuffer,lock,memcpy,unlock.. I think its wrong to create a vertexbuffer every now and then.. ------------------------------------------------------ ""What is the RIGHT way of doing this??"" ------------------------------------------------------ P.S. Sorry for my BAD English(2nd Language) Thanks in advance!

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