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Hi, I've been doing a map editor using c# and tao but I have a problem I can't solve right now and was hoping someone could help me :D. I have a window form with some buttons and a panel that is the render target for OpenGl, the buttons are for drawing lines or squares(using drag and drop),the problem is that I cant begin drawing in the panel (I have to start clicking in the window form and then drag into the panel to draw something which is bad if I want to start drawing in another place), also I update the mouse and world coordinates in the title bar but it wont update while I move the mouse over the render panel, unless I am drawing. I don't think it is an OpenGL related problem because I turned off all the openGl related stuff and it still wouldn't update the title bar when moving the mouse over the panel, does anybody know what could be causing this? and should I post some code or images? Thanks Crackers

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