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VBO and indexed vertexes

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Hy there. Maybe you can help me with this and tell me whats the best way of rendering my objects. i have the vertexes put in an array "vertexes" i have the textures and normals also put in their own arrays. and i have the indexes of the vertexes. what im doing now is like this: at initialization compute a vector<CVector3> verts with all the vertexes push_back based on de indexes... - so from 200 "vertexes" i now have like 600 put in the vector "verts". afther that compute a VBO - clear the vector "verts" and render the VBO. what i want is to pass the "vertexes" to the vbo not the "verts" - so instead of passing 600 just pass 200. and then render based on the indexes. i tried this with glVertexPointer(....vertexes); glDrawElements(..... indexes); but that doesnt give me performance; so i may be doing something wrong. Can you guys help me? pls forgive my english:) Thanks

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