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Magicide Online (2D/Isometric MMORPG)

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I am proud to announce a 2D Isometric MMORPG called Magicide Online. You can say its inspired by the 2D Isometric mmorpg http://endless-online.com. But before you read any further i want you to know that it does not use any of Endless Online's graphics, at all. We have talented artists that do their best and do not like being accused of theft no matter how similar their graphics look to others. Now that i got that out the way, ill post some information.

Magicide Online

The world is in danger! The go of all that is wrong with the world, Zoltan, is back and even stronger than before. He now has control over his race of Orcs. His two sisters, Zolma and Zagota, are not strong enough to destroy him a second time, and need your help! For one thousand years there has been a war going on between the good and the evil, Humans, Elves, and Nymphs versus, Orcs, Dark Elves, and Cyclops. The future of Magicide is in your hands. You can make it or break it. Choose your alliance, Good, or Evil and fight for all that is good… or evil. Engrave your name in the history of Magicide, and remember “Even the faintest light shines in the dark.”

Your Role in the world of Magicide:
When you create a new character, you will enter the game as a Human, Elf, Nymph, Orc, Dark Elf, or a Cyclops. Throughout the game there will be many quests, Storyline Quests, Side Quests, and Event Quests. Side quests can be done by anybody and sometimes are little thinks like collecting goods, or being a body guard. However, if you are looking for a real challenge, take part in a Storyline mission. Storyline missions are usually hard and require at least 1 other person to even start one. They can range anything from sneaking into the enemy factions main city, to traveling across the world to find a secret artifact that may change the direction of the war. Event quests are rare and can only be held by a GM. In an Event Quests lucky players will have their name engraved into the story of Magicide as an Epic Hero, an Evil Villain, or even a Traitor.

NOTE: This is only a rough draft of chapter one of the story, i notice a lot of word choice, and grammar i have to go back and fix, chapter one takes place thousands of years before the game does. Also so some of you don't get let down, in chapter two Zoltan does come back alive. Enjoy.

The World of Magicide

Chapter 1: The Myth of Creation

In the beginning, there was nothing, no one, but Dolma. Dolma was the first god, said to have been born from the wind, land, and water. Dolma was born to be the ruler of Magicide, one of the many worlds. Dolma was said to have everything he ever needed, food, water, entertainment, everything. But he begged to differ, he was lonely. So he peeled of 3 peaces of his skin and made 3 children. He named them Zolma, Zagota, and Zoltan. Zolma was the goddess of the sea, beauty, and serenity. Zagota was the goddess of the wind, technology, and clarity. Zoltan on the other hand, was the god of the land, Anger, and war. Dolma was proud of his 2 daughters, but he hated Zoltan with a passion. He finally decided that he was going to toss Zoltan into the pits of the underworld. But protecting their brother Zolma and Zagota made the biggest mistake possible. They warned him of their fathers plan. Furious Zoltan was irrational and headed to his fathers chambers. Zolma met him half way and told him to be patient while she conjured up a plan. In seconds she made a plan and found 200 outcomes. She said that when their father fell asleep they would sneak into his chambers and toss him into a cave in the depths of the underworld. When their father finally fell asleep, they carried out their plan, and succeeded. When Dolma awoke he was furious to find himself trapped, and even worse he couldn’t do anything about it. Just then he let out a loud cry, cursing his children and saying they made a fatal mistake trusting their foul brother Zoltan. They laughed at his ignorance. Over the centuries they began to notice their mistake and what their father meant. Zoltan was out of control, when he hadn’t gotten his way he would cause great trauma to the lands of Magicide. It took Zolma and Zagota 1000 years to actually do something about their foul brother. They decided to create creatures to roam Magicide. Zolma made her own; she called them “Humans”. Zagota made her own also, she called them “Elves”. The goddesses gave their creatures all sorts of powers. When Zoltan saw the creatures he was infuriated. Since his sisters made their own creatures to slay him, He made his own to slay them. He called them “Orcs”. He gave them strength, anger, savage traits, green skin and big, sharp teeth. He commanded them to destroy the elves and the humans. But the Orcs were as mutinous as he made them. They refused. He killed one in rage and they all swarmed him and killed him. The god Zoltan was dead. His sisters were rejoiced to see the death of Zoltan, especially since it was their magic combine that hypnotized his creatures, and caused them to become mutinous to their creator. The only problem was that they couldn’t kill all of Zoltan’s creatures so all three races had to live together. But that is another story for another day…

Now heres the fun part..
So far we haven't decided on much of the features, its only been in development for about 4 weeks. but here are what we've released to the public.

So we've decided, we're going with 6 races:

The first race, created by Zolma in a plot to anger her brother Zoltan.
Humans are the most balanced race, they start with an equal amount of skill levels
Reside in the continent of Huma.

Second race, created by Zagota in a plot to anger her brother Zoltan even more.
Elves specialize in ranged combat, and will start with more ranged skill levels than
any other race.
Reside in the continent of Elfenia.

Spritual race, no one is sure how they came to be.
Nymphs specialize in healing and assist alchemy and will start with more
Assist alchemical levels than any other race.
Reside on the island of Narcosis.

Third race, created by Zoltan in an attempt to destroy his sisters but they were mutinous
and overthrew him. In Chapter 2 he will resurrect and gain control over some of them.
Orcs specialize in brute force, and will start with more close combat skill levels than any other race.
Reside in the continent Zoltaranas.

Dark Elf
Mysterious race, born from the war hero Tidus (elf) mating with Zolga (orcette).
Dark Elves specialize in alchemy, and will start with more alchemical skill levels than any other race.
Reside in the continent of Zoltaranas.

A savage race, born from the anger or Dolma being locked in the cage to kill all races.
But Zoltan hypnotized them to aid his Orcs in battle.
Cyclops specialize in hand-to-hand combat, and will start with more hand skill levels than
any other race.
Reside in the continent of Zoltarnas.

Skill Point System
We are trying to avoid restricting players to one class, so we've decided to not make classes, but instead we will make a skill system like Oblivion's. For instance, instead of being labeled as a warrior and only able to use Swords, Axes, Spears, ect... You will start with a certain amount of skill levels like
Swords Skill = 1
Bow skill = 1
Crossbow skill = 1
Dark Alchemy Skill = 1
Light Alchemy Skill = 1
Axe skill = 1
Mace skill = 1
Spear skill = 1
Thrown skill = 1
and so on. As a result the game will be hard to beat and/or get bored of because you have so many skills to master. Also certain Armors, Weapons, accessories can only be used if you have a high enough skill level in that area. For instance, Say there is an item called "Headband of the Fallen" that requires atleast level 6 in Headbands skill, that means you cannot equip that Headband unless you have atleast a level 6 headband skill. Pretty much, as you use a sword your swords skill will level up, same goes for every other area.

Features Planned for Beta
Isometric Maps
Paper doll
Interaction with other players
Skills(fishing, mining,etc.)
Full screen mode
A few NPCs

Some Graphics
This is an npc for the old graphic size, the attacking was smoothed out by adding more frames, and we changed the hair ^^ but this is it before the changes:
thats it moving one square and attacking.

Our sprite history:
The Very first sprite

A small update, head rounded off at the top

Was a big upgrade indeed, had much more detail than the first two

First attempt at new size sprites had puffy underwear XD

And now ^^

Job Offerings

Pixel Artists - Will be grouped based on what your best at (see FrameWork)
Concept Artists - We only need you to make pictures defending the game's concept, banners/sigs, and maybe a gui later.

To ensure organization, ive created a pixture showing how workers will be grouped based on their abilities:

Contact information
Visit our forum here = http://m-online.yoo7.com
If you want a job, refer to our Job section on our forum
Contact one of us Admins on MSN
Twilight(me) = lilgod95@msn.com
Donk = dan_bladeg@hotmail.co.uk

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