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Maximal Vertex Counts?

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I'm not sure if this actually belongs here, but seeing as how it's still a "beginner" type of question, I'll ask: I've recently been working with blender and "shopping" for an Ogre or CS-esque level game engine, and I've come across an interesting question I hadn't considered before. What would be a realistic vertex count (at most, that is) for the typical computer running this sort of engine. I'm aware that something like Unreal 3 or Source is better optimized to boost effective vertex maximums. I also know that my GPU ranks at around 300 million vertices per second, but I can guess that's an optimal, API-less hardware benchmark. I've been trying to reduce the vertex count of my game assets in foresight of this sort of danger, but I don't really have a target. I know that a "typical computer" is rather vacuous, so for argument's sake, lets assume a 6 series GeForce or a 9 series Radeon. I'm also woefully ignorant of rendering concepts, so if there's something I haven't accounted for, please say so.

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