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Assembly and C#

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I have a string in Hex (very very very long) which needs to be converted into a byte array in C#. To do this takes around 2 minutes for 145KB (if error checking is disabled. If not, 5 minutes). What I would really like to do is use an assembly routine which will probably do it in a few seconds. What I would like to know is; is it possible to run an assembly routine from C# code? (The .COM file takes the string as input and returns the result) Thanks...

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I'm not sure, but you might be able to use P/Invoke.

Have a look at that!

Basically, it's a good way of including non-managed code into your C# from what I can remember.

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Look at this horror for machine code in C++/CLI:

delegate Int32 DoubleNum(Int32 x);
unsigned char pNative[] =
0x55, // push ebp
0x8B, 0xEC, // mov ebp,esp
0x8B, 0x45, 0x08, // mov eax,dword ptr [arg]
0x03, 0x45, 0x08, // add eax,dword ptr [arg]
0x5D, // pop ebp
0xC3 // ret
DoubleNum^ pDoubleNum = (DoubleNum^)
(IntPtr)pNative, DoubleNum::typeid);

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What you would really like to do is write an efficient routine in C#.

My computer isn't top-of-the-line, but it still manages to generate 145k bytes in less than 400 milliseconds without any special optimization effort on my part...

byte [] output = new byte[input.Length / 2];
byte a = 0;
int i = 0;

foreach (char c in input)
byte x = hex(c);

if (i % 2 == 0) a = x;
else output[i/2] = (byte)(a * 16 + x);


Where hex uses a straightforward switch statement to return the 0-15 value of an 0-9A-Fa-f character.

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