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Bug in tokenizer on 64-bit?

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I think I just ran into a bug in as_tokenizer.cpp. In line 118 (in 2.11.2), a loop is run on every character of the whitespace-string. The length of this string is determined by doing:
for( int w = 0; w < (int)sizeof(whiteSpace); w++ )

However, sizeof(whiteSpace) seems to give the size of the pointer to the string, which on 32-bit is 4 and incidentally correct. On 64-bit however, this becomes 8, which leads to all kinds of weird errors. Changing the line to
for( int w = 0; w < 4; w++ )

fixed these problems for me. [Edited by - DaBono on March 6, 2008 3:37:16 PM]

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