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dynamic 2D array in a map file

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I'm programming a strategy role playing game. My plan is to create one "HexTile" class to represent a tile, and one "Map" class for the whole map itself. The map itself should contain a dynamically allocated 2d array of the tiles, among other info. At the end of the day, I want to save an instance of the map to a file to be loaded into the actual engine. Is there anything wrong with this general plan? I'm already having a problem getting a dynamic 2D array into the map object. 1st issue: I didn't realize that dynamically allocating a 2D array is drastically different from dynamically allocating a 1D array. Here's the general way I was trying to set the dimensions of the 2D array (nevermind syntax errors, you see what I was hoping to do):
void MapMetal::SetDimensions(int x, int y)
	horiz = x;
	vert = y; //sets these values for our information

	//now to allocate the array of hex tiles in this size, and set the pointer to it.
//	TileArray = new *HexTile[x][y]; //could this possibly work
TileArray is a HexTile object. MapMetal is the main map class, and HexTile is the individual tile type that I wish to create a 2d array of. Is there any way to keep this simple? 2nd issue: Am I going to have to overload the = operator since I'm using my own object type? I always plan on having the same type on each side of the = sign... do I still need to overload it?

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Actually it would be; TileArray = new *HexTile[x * y];

But that is not the big problem here. Where do you free the memory that you just allocated?


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I would go with the 1D Array. Then you can easily access it by


2D arrays over complicate unnecessarily in this case. Well, you use the term HexTile which makes me think isometric and I am not sure of rendering techniques for that kind of map. But I am sure you still wont need a 2d array.

Don't forget to delete before you new again (re-dimensioning it).

BUT...if this is a learning exercise...go ahead and do the 2D...

To create a 2D array, I think (its been a while since I used them) you have to do something like

Tile = new HexTile[x][y];
for (i = 0; i < x; i++)
Tile = new HexTile[y];

And to delete you have to loop through again.
Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

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Somehow, yes... 1D array


I can use a 1D array to represent my map. Every (width) I'll add a (length).

I feel dirty...

[Edited by - Renze_Tantra on March 7, 2008 1:00:07 PM]

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