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WndProc as a member function

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I've made a window class and I'm trying to get WndProc to be a member function so it can access private members of the window class (specifically, keys, lmb, rmb, and active):
class Window
	HWND hWnd;
	HINSTANCE hInstance;

	bool keys[256];
	bool lmb, rmb;
	bool active, fullscreen;

	int width;
	int height;
	int numbofbits;
	std::string title;

	static LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc( HWND, UINT, WPARAM, LPARAM ); // < this line
	bool InitOpenGL();
	void ResizeScene( int w, int h );

	bool MakeWindow( std::string text, int w, int h, int bits, bool full );
	void KillWindow();

	int GetWidth();
	int GetHeight();
	std::string GetTitle();
	void SetTitle( std::string text );

	bool GetKey( BYTE key );
	bool GetLMB();
	bool GetRMB();
	int GetMouseX();
	int GetMouseY();
	void SetMousePosition( int x, int y );

	bool GetActive();
	bool GetFullscreen();
	bool SetFullscreen( bool flag );

If I don't make it static, I get this error:
error C2440: 'type cast' : cannot convert from 'overloaded-function' to 'WNDPROC'
        None of the functions with this name in scope match the target type
in this line when I'm setting up the window (in the MakeWindow function): wc.lpfnWndProc = (WNDPROC)WndProc; If I do make it static, I get errors like this:
error C2597: illegal reference to non-static member 'Window::active'
Is it possible to make WndProc a member of the window class and have be able to access other members of the class?

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WndProc must be a non-member or static function, so it cannot have this. It's a sane behaviour, since you only pass a pointer to a function and not to the object.
You could try something like this:

static LRESULT CALLBACK wndproc(HWND hwnd, UINT umsg, WPARAM wparam, LPARAM lparam)
Window *window;

if (umsg == WM_CREATE) {

window = (Window *) ((LPCREATESTRUCT) lparam)->lpCreateParams;

SetWindowLongPtr(hwnd, GWLP_USERDATA, (LONG_PTR) window);
else {

window = (Window *) GetWindowLongPtr(hwnd, GWLP_USERDATA);

if (window != NULL) {

// do something here...

return DefWindowProc(hwnd, umsg, wparam, lparam);

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