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Need Logo Artist (Paid)

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Hello artists. I'm in need of a couple of logos for some projects I have going. What I'm looking for is to get a bunch of concepts for two logos and then move on to having the final logos produced. So not only am I looking for someone who can create great final art, but you have to also be able to be creative and able to propose some concepts for the logos. I have a basic idea for the two logos for you to start with, but after that you'll have some creative liberty for the concepts. I'd like to keep the rest of the specifics of the logos' purposes offline for now. Hopefully it will suffice to say that one is going to be used as an icon (as in a Windows file icon) but will also be displayed on the web so it should be sized probably at 256x256 with some scaled down version for the icon, and should be kept simple and clean. The second one will only need to be at a larger size (probably in the 512x512 or so size, though it doesn't have to be square) and will not be used as an icon, so slightly more detail can be applied. This is a paid opportunity as stated in the title. If you are interested, please email me at josephgravelyn -at- gmail -dot- com. Please include some of your work (both concepts and final images), preferably of actual logo designs but any quality 2D work will suffice, as well as what you charge for your time/work. Again I apologize for the lack of detail, but until a few more things get sorted out, I cannot go into any more depth about the logos in the forums. Hope to hear from a few of you soon!

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