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CreateDialog problem.. plz help

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I've made a dialog by the resource editor. It is set as follows: (.rc) IDD_STATUS DIALOGEX 200, 0, 334, 239 style DS_SETFONT | DS_FIXEDSYS | WS_CAPTION | WS_SYSMENU CAPTION "Status Window" FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg", 400, 0, 0x1 BEGIN DEFPUSHBUTTON "확인",IDOK,82,189,50,14 PUSHBUTTON "취소",IDCANCEL,188,188,50,14 LTEXT "뉴스 파일",IDC_STATIC,19,18,35,8 EDITTEXT IDC_EDIT_NEWSFILE,19,28,59,13,ES_AUTOHSCROLL PUSHBUTTON "Apply",IDC_APPLY_NEWSFILE,83,28,27,12 LTEXT "날씨 파일",IDC_STATIC,19,46,35,8 EDITTEXT IDC_EDIT_WTRFILE,19,57,59,13,ES_AUTOHSCROLL PUSHBUTTON "Apply",IDC_APPLY_WTRFILE,83,57,27,12 LTEXT "주기 (단위:ms)",IDC_STATIC,19,77,53,8 EDITTEXT IDC_EDIT_UPDATETIME,19,88,59,13,ES_AUTOHSCROLL PUSHBUTTON "Apply",IDC_APPLY_UPDATETIME,83,88,27,12 GROUPBOX "컨텐츠 서버",IDC_STATIC,7,7,117,102 LTEXT "SC 주소",IDC_STATIC,16,132,35,8 PUSHBUTTON "Apply",IDC_APPLY_SCADDR,84,142,27,12 CONTROL "",IDC_IP_SCADDR,"SysIPAddress32",WS_TABSTOP,14,143,64,11 PUSHBUTTON "Connect",IDC_CONNECT,14,159,41,12 PUSHBUTTON "Disconnect",IDC_DISCONNECT,62,159,42,12 GROUPBOX "SC Control",IDC_STATIC,7,122,117,56 LTEXT "Log",IDC_STATIC,136,6,55,10 EDITTEXT IDC_EDIT_LOG,136,18,178,159,ES_MULTILINE | ES_AUTOVSCROLL | ES_READONLY | WS_VSCROLL END The dialog above is made as modeless under Parent window. case ID_STATUS_OPENSTATUSWINDOW: //Menu -> Status -> Open Status Window if(!IsWindow(ghStt)){ ghStt = CreateDialog(ghInst, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_STATUS), hWnd, (DLGPROC) StatusDlgProc); ShowWindow(ghStt, SW_SHOW); } break; Though the problem is as follows: 1. Even though CreateDialog is supposed to be MODELESS, I can't get focus on the Parent window. Only movement of the parent window is available. Menu X, Resize X etc. 2. The Dialog shows up with problems. (You can see the screenshot of the dialog box here) - Can't move, can't use system menu and window close button) - A weird space between the dialog and the boundary - A weird space where menus supposed to locate (though this dialog box is setup to have no menu)

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