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Numpad 3 and 4 causing heap corruption

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I'm developing a multi-platform game, currently developing under one Win32 and one SDL backend, although I'll probably add native support for other platforms eventually. For some reason, pressing 3 on the numpad makes my little graphics test disappear (i.e. turn white), while pressing 4 makes only the alpha part go white. Then, holding 3 makes the non-alpha part appear, and disappear when 3 is released. This happens under either backend. I've never noticed this before, but admittedly I haven't been paying much attention to keyboard input before now. The program then crashes on close, due to a heap corruption according to the debugger. Also, sporadically, when I break the picture and then switch to fullscreen, the app will crash because my window pointer is null. Other times, switching will fix the problem. Now, the graphics test is in no way tied into input (not that far yet), so I do not see how this can be happening. Does anyone have any ideas what's going on? Help is much appreciated. [Edited by - EmrldDrgn on March 14, 2008 8:46:30 AM]

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