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deus krid

OpenGL engine's level render

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hi everyone, i have some question the fact is that i am working on my own 3d-engine with using OpenGL. and now i have trouble with the organization object-passing in engine. now it has simple way ala "every object draws himself". i mean, there is a tree of objects. object's draw method look like a 1) glPushMatrix; 2) matrix transformations 3) directly drawing 4) calling draw for all children objects 5) glPopMatrix but its very stupid, i think, cause this way of passage cuts many kinds of optimization, such as requiring additional sorting for example. so i want to do it more centralized: all objects are directly drawing in RenderManagers. for each type of drawing object is a manager - for a GUI, for statics, for animated meshes etc. each manager has its object's list. before drawing, during tree-passage, objects add themselfs to one kind of list. then each manager draws its objects and after it they clean their lists. and now main problem. with the first method, when each object draws himself, there was no problem with object's orientation in space while using matrix's stack. but with using managers, during drawing a tree-order of drawing will be lost. so how can i get out of this problem? maybe yo can advice me some better ways for realizing objects-passing p.s. sorry for my bad english)))

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