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Flash Development

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Greeting fellow game developers, Some of you might remember me posting my insanely noob questions a couple of years ago, or my contributions trying to help out others since. I've been quiet for quite awhile because I managed to land a programming job (not in the industry) with an intense NDA. Well, the shop shut down and they were gracious enough to release me from some crucial terms of that NDA. Now that I'm free to play around (in terms of time and IP), I've looked at using Flash to develop some games I have written out (these are all in C++, and I was a Java programmer, so this shouldn't be much of a problem). Flash seems like a good tool for rapid prototyping. I've spent the day researching and it seems that the ActionScript 3.0 forums and tutorials are lethargic at best. Information can be problematic to come by at times. My questions: - Is Flash discussion allowed here? - Is Flash development supported by people? - I like to help people by sharing my experiences, is anyone interested? Thanks in advance for your input!

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