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[.net] C#: main loop as seperate thread? (how?)

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I'm currently trying to get some gamecoding done in C#. My idea is to run the 'engine' (main loop) in a seperate thread, thus allowing the forms to update their fields and such while the engine is working. I'm having some issues though, when I call engine.Execute() the main loop is started, but in a single thread this of course prevents the forms from being updated. I tried starting the call in a seperate thread like this: // Called inside the form's constructor engineThread = new Thread( new ThreadStart( engine.Execute ) ); engineThread.Start(); However, somehow this doesn't seem to work. For each iteration in the main loop I log a message, which should be added to a listbox on a form, but it seems my main loop immediatly breaks down, which should be related to this seperate thread call. Any idea what the problem is here? Basically I want to run my main loop, while still updating my forms, and close the forms when the engine code breaks out of the main loop. I'd much rather stay away from multithreading, because I'm a noob at it and it'll probably give me a lot of headaches in the future, but if it's the only/best way....

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if (m_tbProgress.InvokeRequired)
SetTextCallback del = new SetTextCallback(AddMsgLine);
BeginInvoke(del, new Object[] { sLine + Crlf + Crlf });
else ...//method body if called within its own thread

That's what was required in my senior project to allow a thread to make changes to a text box. Well, there is more as you need to set up a delegate to handle the invoke, but that's the way that Microsoft tells you to handle it.

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