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ATI's R2VB isn't working

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Hi all, i'm having a bit of trouble with ATI's R2VB extension. Has anyone tried to get this working or has got it working? I've been successful in rendering the desired data to the render target but when i set the program up to use that render target as the vertex buffer then it doesn't do anything. I should get a nice water ripple effect (like in the good Nvidia cards in my Uni labs), but all i get on my ATI X1950 card is a flat plane. I've followed this .pdf document. There is one part which i'm a bit confused about, the doc says that "If the texture is D3DFMT_A32B32G32R32F you naturally would want to match this with a D3DDECLTYPE_FLOAT4", my render target format is D3DFMT_R32F, does this mean that in the SetStreamSource i have to set the stride to one float? I think i'm doing everything else right. Thanks Ankur EDIT: I found this post, if anyone has the source code for this sample then it would be cool if you could forward it to me, thanks!

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I've swaped the stream numbers around in the SetStreamSource for the dummy buffer and the actual buffer and now i get this:

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This is the texture that i'm setting as the vertex buffer:
Image Hosted by
(It is blue because i'm filling the b/z component only in the pixel shader so that it effects the z up in the vertex shader).

So as you can see the water grid should be flat with ripples.

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