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[resolved?] SDL_WarpMouse supresses SDL_MOUSEMOTION events when a button is held?

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So, I have a fairly standard control scheme with a peculiar problem. In the Event loop, I check for mouse motion like this:
		mouse_x = event.motion.x;	mouse_y = event.motion.y;

And in my game code, I control something like this (xm,ym being the center of the screen):
	ctrl.movexrel += (mouse_x - xm);
	ctrl.moveyrel -= (mouse_y - ym);
	SDL_WarpMouse((Uint16)xm, (Uint16)ym);

This all works perfectly well, until I press and hold one of the mouse buttons (e.g. to fire). That causes the thing to stop moving. In fact, in the debugger I found out that no SDL_MOUSEMOTION events are generated at all when a button is held! But if I remove the SDL_WarpMouse then it does generate these events regardless of the button state. What the ****? Has anybody seen this before (and hopefully solved it)? It boggles my mind... edit: And before anybody suggests it, I have already tried SDL_WM_GrabInput. It's what you're supposed to use for this but it produces very jerky motion, like it's only polling the mouse with 20Hz frequency instead of 100-200 or whatever the normal rate is. It's practically unplayable. (Does it hook into DirectInput or something?) edit2: "Resolved", yet perplexing. Of all things it seems to be some sort of a timing issue. Moving the SDL_WarpMouse to directly after the event loop fixed it. The error seems to occur if SDL_WarpMouse is called right before SDL_PollEvent, so a sequence like pollevents-render-update-warpmouse needed to be rearranged to pollevents-warpmouse-render-update. Really weird, and the "solution" doesn't feel very reassuring. [Edited by - Fingers_ on March 16, 2008 7:06:40 PM]

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I was having a very similar issue and your 'solution' seemed to work for me as well. I thought I'd document it here in case others have the same problem.

Basically, I set SDL_GrabInput to limit the mouse to the window. But then as the mouse gets to the end of the screen, it stops generating SDL_MOUSEMOTION events so I can't move my crosshair anymore (I am adding the mouse vel to the crosshair's current position each frame).

Sooooo, I decided to center the mouse using SDL_WarpMouse after getting it's velocity. But this generates SDM_MouseMotion event with a velocity vector that exactly undoes the user's mouse movement effectively making it impossible to move the mouse.

Ooookay... so I disable/enable mouse motion events before/after warping the mouse like this:

SDL_WarpMouse(windowWidth/2, windowHeight/2); //center that bitch

BUT!! This is where I got a terrible slow down in events processing. Basically, it was missing entire keystrokes so some keys would report being stuck ON or key presses were missed entirely.

I just rearranged the SDL_WarpMouse to happen right after my event processing loop and this seems to have resolved the issue. But like Fingers_ I'm not happy about this. It just seems... icky.

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