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CARD GAME ONLINE .....(revised questions)

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Hello everyone, I want to make a multiplayer card game online, which people will play with real money via their Credit cards .........Im still researching legal issues for online gambling and the how to keep transaction secure............. The game wiil be dowloaded of a website and then played on the PC. The interface would allow the user to connect to the game server via the INTERNET and then play online cards. MY QUESTIONS ARE THE FOLLOWING: what language do i need to learn in order to make this type of game? what platform do i need to use to create such a game? what do i need to know about Servers , Internet, Banking, CC card Info, etc for an online game? what is the use of softwares like DarkBasic, GameMaker, Visual C++, Maya ? can it help me make a card game? ARE THERE ANY Universities, Books, OR online courses that can teach me SPECIFICALLY how to MAKE AN ONLINE CARD GAME from start to finsih? Please reply back with any other helpful info you can. IN GENERAL I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT GOES INTO CREATING SUCH A GAME FROM START (programming it) TO FINISH (putting it on a server and making people play online)

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May i first interject with an observation. It seems like your quite excited about this venture you have an idea for, but your not just talking about learning how to program. Your talking about setting up an entire business.

Forgive me if i have miss understood but it seems like you wish to enter into this business with no domain knowledge whatsoever. Either on the technical programming side or on the business side.

The above is why i find your question confusing, as they are quite technically based. It seems like you want to set up a business, perhaps you should look into how one would go about setting up something like this (i.e. creating a business plan, getting funding, setting up and employing people).

However to answer your questions specifically;

1. There are lots of languages that could do this, but it would depend on your platform and your development time. C++ is very powerful for this kind of application but really any kind of language that allows networking and basic graphics could make an online card game.

2. If you want the game to be in as many homes as possible i would guess you want a Win PC platform. Simply because those kind of card games rely on plenty of users.

3. Lots. A huge amount if i'm being honest! But there are people who study for years on each element you asked about. There are degrees for Banking, Server stuff and business model. I'd like to re-iterate the fact that i don't think you've appreciated the scale of this idea.

4. If you are unaware of what these programs do then i would suggest you are in trouble. Visual C++ is an IDE for developing C++ programs, but GameMaker is a high level program designed to let someone layout and make games in a very visual way. Maya is a 3D Modelling application.

Finally i don't think there are any courses that offer that kind of specialise thing. Which is why i think you should realise that there are degrees of 3 years or more for specific aspects that would make up the business idea you have.

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Jimmy is absolutely right. You need a ton more knowledge before you can even think of a project of this level. I would also like to point out one thing though.

You can't have the person download the game and play it on their machine that then communicates to your server. It will get hacked. I guarantee it. You can spend years trying to make your program secure, but it will be hacked very quickly.

If you run an online game, what you do is have the game run on the server, and then the user communicates with the server. That way, no data can be easily accessed/manipulated by the user. Basically the only information you need from the user is who they are and what they're doing. So you have them create an account that they can log into (this solves the "who they are"), and then whenever they type or click you can get that information (this solves the "what they're doing"). You don't want to have the actual program run on the user's machine, especially if real money is involved.


Looking at your last thread you started, you didn't really revise these questions a whole lot. I'm sure everyone would be more than happy to help you learn to program and make a game, but your trying to way, way, way too much for a beginner (in both the programming/technical and business aspects). It will take a lot of time (and a lot of work) before you can consider a project of this scale, but, should you still be interested in learning (and there is a buttload to learn), I would be happy to post some starting pointers. Just realize it will take you at least a couple years.

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