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ENet - no connection event is thrown

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Hi, I've compiled ENet today and started using it. But I'm running in some troubles now... I wrote a client-side code according to the tutorial. It says "succesfully connected". Then I have the server-side code, also from the tutorial. The server-side code should say "client connected", which it doesn't... What could be the problem? I've unblocked it with firewall, and I first run the server and then the client, yet it refuses to throw an event. Here is the server code:
if (enet_initialize () != 0)
        printf("An error occurred while initializing ENet.\n");
        return EXIT_FAILURE;
    atexit (enet_deinitialize);

    ENetAddress address;
    ENetHost * server;

    /* Bind the server to the default localhost.     */
    /* A specific host address can be specified by   */
    /* enet_address_set_host (& address, "x.x.x.x"); */

    address.host = ENET_HOST_ANY;
    /* Bind the server to port 1234. */
    address.port = 9999;

    server = enet_host_create (& address /* the address to bind the server host to */,
                                 32      /* allow up to 32 clients and/or outgoing connections */,
                                  0      /* assume any amount of incoming bandwidth */,
                                  0      /* assume any amount of outgoing bandwidth */);
    if (server == NULL)
                 "An error occurred while trying to create an ENet server host.\n");
        exit (EXIT_FAILURE);

    ENetEvent event;
    while (1)
        while (enet_host_service (server, & event, 0) > 0)
            printf ("a\n");
            switch (event.type)
            case ENET_EVENT_TYPE_CONNECT:
                printf ("A new client connected from %x:%u.\n",
                        event.peer -> address.host,
                        event.peer -> address.port);

                /* Store any relevant client information here. */
                event.peer -> data = (void *) "Client information";


            case ENET_EVENT_TYPE_RECEIVE:
                printf ("A packet of length %u containing %s was received from %s on channel %u.\n",
                        event.packet -> dataLength,
                        event.packet -> data,
                        event.peer -> data,

                /* Clean up the packet now that we're done using it. */
                enet_packet_destroy (event.packet);


                printf ("%s disconected.\n", event.peer -> data);

                /* Reset the peer's client information. */

                event.peer -> data = NULL;

And the client code:
if (enet_initialize())
        error("could not initialise network", true);

    ENetHost *client = enet_host_create(NULL, 1, 57600/8, 14400/8);
    if (client == NULL)
        error("could not create client host", true);

    ENetAddress address;
    ENetEvent event;
    ENetPeer *peer;

    /* Connect to some.server.net:1234. */
    enet_address_set_host (& address, "");
    address.port = 9999;

    /* Initiate the connection, allocating the two channels 0 and 1. */
    peer = enet_host_connect (client, & address, 2);

    if (peer == NULL)
       fprintf (stderr,
                "No available peers for initiating an ENet connection.\n");
       exit (EXIT_FAILURE);

    /* Wait up to 5 seconds for the connection attempt to succeed. */
    if (enet_host_service (client, & event, 1000) > 0 &&
        event.type == ENET_EVENT_TYPE_CONNECT)
        puts ("Connection to some.server.net:1234 succeeded.");
        /* Either the 5 seconds are up or a disconnect event was */
        /* received. Reset the peer in the event the 5 seconds   */
        /* had run out without any significant event.            */
        enet_peer_reset (peer);

        puts ("Connection to some.server.net:1234 failed.");

PS: yes, the code is a mess, but I will clean it once its working. Thank you in advance! Decrius

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