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DirectDraw Beginner: Help with smooth animations needed

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I've just started learning DirectX, starting with DirectDraw.

I've got a ball bouncing round the screen.
If I set the screen res to 640x480 it's pretty smooth, but if I set it to 800x600 then it's very jerky. Then I tried 1024x768, the ball is now moving very smoothly?

Can anyone help me? I want it to be smooth for all screen res settings.

I don't do any timing, is this the problem? If so, is there some sample code?


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I think the best way looks like this:


#include mmsystem.h

DWORD LastTime;

while (sth) // This is your loop
LastTime = timeGetTime ();

// Your code

while ((timeGetTime () - LastTime) < WAIT_TIME)
// You can put in sth useful here
// (like Wave-Streaming)

This code avoids the program to run too fast on better computers.
If you want your ball to move at a constant speed (independant to the framerate) it would be much more difficult

Well, that's the way I'm doing it and it works fine with my text-scroller...

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