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Breakout: Caught & Gone

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New Concept by Pim Damen Netherlands Inspired by the prison break series i began to see a game in the entire affair but than a little different than you would imagine Time /Stage based adventure . How it works: You are a prisoner and the mob is you to deliver a book in your possession to them, the reason why you were apprehended in the first place.. story if corny I know but could be any kind of reason.. the point is you have something and need to get it out within the time limit of 1 week Game mechanics Prison is very structured when it comes to a time schedule from 8 till 9 this from 9 till 11 that and so on . So I would really make use of that . It would be like playing a sierra classic where you combine and use items to make tools to be used somewhere else , just like many adventures. But this time , time itself is against you . You can play real time , so you go to prison and see a cut scene and have an hour in a certain room of hall where various options are open to you.. You need to make a plan and knowledge you have has to be used to be able to escape . The game would give you various options of completing the task. In each room there is a piece of the puzzle but you only have a certain amount of time within thatarea, when you think you are done you can do “Skip”and you go to the next order of business of the day like cleaning duty, mess hall and all that sort . Remember you have 1 week and the schedule is not the same every day so you really need to plan ahead and be certain you don’t mess up with the skip button or you fail . Added elements Random encounters.. in prison you also need to pick sides and help out certain groups to gain advantages and basically to stay alive. Your stereo type negro rappers, Hispanic gangs and KKK redneck racist are all there and you need to choose a side to gain advantages and acess to certain items. They also spawn random encounters based on earlier choices, if you helped the KKK guy’s to get a certain element of your escape done, it could be hindered by a event created by the rappers… or you find yourself with a big black guy named bubba as a celly next morning who’s gonna kick yo ass aaight! The events are random and some steared into the direction you pull them by mingling in the prison population . Adventure based and no fighting you have to do the right thing and hold your escape plan tight and make sure you back the right horse and get out! Example: you need a wrench from the workshop.. a rapper works with it , you can either get the KKK to get it from him or do him a favour and get the wrench either way.. next time the other party will do something to you to cross your plan or maybe demand the wrench bck so you have to cover your tracks.. That sort of thing . In a nut shell: Escape within the time limit with only a few chances per room at a given number of days that you are in those rooms (until you manage to get out of your cell and are free to roam , if you have the right tools) Keeping trouble off your back (inevitable) as much as you can, go with the prison flow and join the groups (initiations etc) Random events . What do you think! Please reply any comment you like Feedback on - feasibility - Estimated time to complete (if the gameplay is about 10 hours max if played fast and know all answers) - Best engine for it adventures at this time . I am not yet trying to make a game like this because my main project still isn’t fully off the ground and flying ( www.kingdomsofhayr.com) But if I get enough people who are willing to make it and make it freeware I could consider it when our big project is at full capacity when it comes to crew members and is building fine . Title: Breakout : caught & gone (pretty corny heheh) Just post anything that comes to mind…. And if some of you think this is really awesome to do…. Give me a ring on the forums (PM) or ad me to MSN pimdamen@hotmail.com Or mail to the same address . Thanks for reading

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