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Multiplatform - Multirenderer architecture

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Hi guys! I'm trying to solve this problem...let me explain it. I have a small graphic engine, with no dependecies (apart from the base os headers and the graphic lib) and I have already done two classes that lets me build this engine virtually on every platform and with every renderer (DirectX/OpenGL). The classes are "Application", that is the abstraction of the base application per operative system (so in Windows I handle the message queue with Windows API, under Linux using the system calls...) and "Renderer", that is the abstraction of the function used by the engine and implemented in "DXRenderer" and "OpenGLRenderer". Now...I've moved to Codeblocks, because I want to build something under linux and windows in the same manner. But...I don't know how to organize the whole thing! A static lib for the application and for the renderer, and the core engine uses only the .h and .lib? Or maybe with dynamic lib? Do I have need to create a directory that contains all the .h and another one with the .lib (like a SDK) and then make different build configuration under CodeBlocks that link to different libs? - Confused - Thanks in advice! Gab

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