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Managed DX - consuming system performance

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Hello, I have one question. I try to display simple 3D object(plane) with some 2D sprites.. I have some sample… and it works but problem is with system performance.. It seems it consumes much bigger system resources than should be. On my PC it displays only about 170 2D sprites + 1polygon 3D plane. After that count fps will go low. I think one polygon shouldn’t be so consuming and I don’t understand why is that count of 2D sprites so small. Do somebody know why it is happen? I’ll upload that sample(with source code) on web to download and test it.. After starting of program you will see only the plane.. To see 2D sprites press “Q” To add 10 another 2D sprites press “A” To remove 10 2D sprites press “S” Number in 3rd row of debug font shall inform you how much 2D sprites you display. (it displays that number *10 sprites) If anybody know if I have some mistakes in source code please help me.. Thank you very much

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