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[web] AVI embedding woes [HTML]

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I just recently set up my site for selling games. (The store-front is being worked on) I have a game that is fast paced, but looks really bad in screenshots. It looks awesome in videos, so I am trying to embed the .avi I took with Fraps, but I can't get it to work. The code works with the copy of the site I have on my computer in my C drive, but it doesn't work on the site. I have uploaded the video with filezilla, and have done an overwrite of it multiple times after this problem to try to fix it. The "Properties" on the video player pick up it is 30 seconds and its size, but it doesn't play. Here is the code to embed it:
<embed src="Alien Invasion 2008-03-07 21-31-49-43.avi" /> 

The page in question is at HERE

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