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Why doesn't this work?

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I'm trying to make an object come towards me. To do this, I move the item I want to come towards me in all possible directions by 1. Whichever direction moves the object closes to me, I move it in that direction. The object will move in my general direction, but it will just continue on past (not through) me and off into infinity. My code is:
private bool shoot(UnitBase obj)
            const double HIT = 5;
            const int SIZE = 26;
            double[] d = new double[SIZE];
            int smallest = 0;
            Vector3[] v = new Vector3[SIZE];

            v[0] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X+1, obj.Position.Y+1, obj.Position.Z+1);
            v[1] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X, obj.Position.Y+1, obj.Position.Z+1);
            v[2] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X+1, obj.Position.Y, obj.Position.Z+1);
            v[3] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X+1, obj.Position.Y+1, obj.Position.Z);
            v[4] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X, obj.Position.Y, obj.Position.Z+1);
            v[5] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X, obj.Position.Y+1, obj.Position.Z);
            v[6] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X+1, obj.Position.Y, obj.Position.Z);
            v[7] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X-1, obj.Position.Y-1, obj.Position.Z-1);
            v[8] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X, obj.Position.Y-1, obj.Position.Z-1);
            v[9] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X-1, obj.Position.Y, obj.Position.Z-1);
            v[10] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X-1, obj.Position.Y-1, obj.Position.Z);
            v[11] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X, obj.Position.Y, obj.Position.Z-1);
            v[12] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X, obj.Position.Y-1, obj.Position.Z);
            v[13] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X-1, obj.Position.Y, obj.Position.Z);
            v[14] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X+1, obj.Position.Y+1, obj.Position.Z-1);
            v[15] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X+1, obj.Position.Y-1, obj.Position.Z+1);
            v[16] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X-1, obj.Position.Y+1, obj.Position.Z+1);
            v[17] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X+1, obj.Position.Y-1, obj.Position.Z-1);
            v[18] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X-1, obj.Position.Y+1, obj.Position.Z-1);
            v[19] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X-1, obj.Position.Y-1, obj.Position.Z+1);
            v[20] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X+1, obj.Position.Y, obj.Position.Z-1);
            v[21] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X+1, obj.Position.Y-1, obj.Position.Z);
            v[22] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X, obj.Position.Y+1, obj.Position.Z-1);
            v[23] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X, obj.Position.Y-1, obj.Position.Z+1);
            v[24] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X-1, obj.Position.Y+1, obj.Position.Z);
            v[25] = new Vector3(obj.Position.X-1, obj.Position.Y, obj.Position.Z+1);

            for (int i = 0; i < SIZE; i++)
                d = dist(_camera.Position, v);

            for (int i = 0; i < SIZE; i++)
                if (d < HIT)
                    return true;

            for (int i = 0; i < SIZE-1; i++)
                if (d < d[i + 1])
                    smallest = i;
            if (d[SIZE-1] < d[smallest])
                smallest = SIZE-1;

            shortest_dist = d[smallest];

            obj.Position = v[smallest];

            return false;

        private double dist(Vector3 player, Vector3 obj)
            return Math.Sqrt(Math.Pow((player.X-obj.X),2) + Math.Pow((player.Y-obj.Y),2) + Math.Pow((player.Z-obj.Z),2));

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Why don't you just get the direction vector and move along that?

Seriously, it's as simple as this: (pseudocode)

float distanceToMove = 1.0f; // Or whatever you want it to be

Vector3 direction = _camera.Position - obj.Position;
obj.Position += direction * distanceToMove;

Hope this helps.

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