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OpenGL glsl texture alpha channel problem

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hello! in apple's "OpenGL shader builder" I played around and stumbeld upon the following problem: the fragment shader: uniform sampler2D texture; void main() { vec4 color; color = texture2D( texture, gl_TexCoord[0].st ); gl_FragColor = vec4( color.rgb, 1.0 ); } should by my understanding completely ignore the textures alpha channel, but it doesn't. it just "mistakes" transparency with darkness (everything transparent is painted darker, according to the level of transparency). If I change the last line to gl_FragColor = vec4( color.rgb, color.a ); of course transparency is implemented, as expected. As I would like to store other information than transparency in my alpha channel, I don't like the alpha channel to mess around with the values of the three color channels. I think it could have something to do with glBlend modes, but I am not sure. Thank all replies in advance, Daniel

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